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Do you want to build people oriented, successful and sustainable digital products?

šŸŽ¬ Welcome to Y Oslo šŸ‘

"An inspiring, innovative and very enjoyable conference." - participant from 2020

Y is this autumn's best hybrid digital conference - the perfect mix of digital experiences and physical meetings. Y is coming to you directly from Youngtorget, Oslo, 2nd and 3rd of September!

In addition to the 12 hours of live digital "professional entertainment", there will also be a physical meeting place with good conversations, food and a party. It will be the best gathering for the best people Norway has to offer. Registration for the Oslo event opens in early August, limited tickets. Don't miss it!

Thursday is the Norsk day, meaning the talks will be in Norsk. Friday will be a English day, meaning the talks will be in English. If you know both languages, you will get šŸ› and šŸŽ’ (pose & sekk).

"You have converted a streaming skeptic. Incredibly well done!" - participant from 2020

šŸ” Click on the burger to read about Y šŸ”

"Well done, this has been the best conference I have ever been to. Live and physical!" - participant from 2020

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