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Gibson Biddle
Gib is the most efficient product leader I've worked with. His product mentorship and cultural impact on the company were undeniable. I use much of what I learned from Gib in my current role as a product leader. - Shout out from Linkedin

Gibson Biddle, also known as Gib, is a business speaker, product advisor, Stanford lecturer, and Board Observer and Executive-in-Residence for NerdWallet. Prior to NerdWallet, he spent five years (2005-2010) transforming Netflix from a startup to an industry dominator as the VP of Product Management. He helped grow their consumer base from 2 million to 13 million and revolutionized the video streaming process before leaving the company in 2010.

From there, he moved on to become the Chief Product Officer at Chegg, Inc. where he more than quadrupled their revenue by creating eTextbook, homework help, scholarship, and college admission services for college and high school students that helped save students up to a combined 500 million dollars per year.

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