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The best way to learn the Design Sprint is by doing it.

During this workshop, you'll think, write, draw, vote, and practice as Jake Knapp, the inventor of the Design Sprint, leads you through the 5-step process. Not only that, he'll show you how to run a remote Design Sprint over video!

A Proven Recipe
Around the world, thousands of teams use Jake's bestselling Sprint book to focus together on solutions to big challenges—at organizations like LEGO, The United Nations, Slack, IDEO, Uber, Facebook, Twitter, The British Museum, KLM Airlines, Nest, Spotify, Harvard University, the London School of Economics, and Google.

What You'll Learn
- When to run a Design Sprint
- How to do every step of the process
- Case studies from successful sprints
- Common pitfalls and failures
- Advanced tips that are not in the book

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