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The fastest growing companies in the world are running thousands of experiments in order to learn as quickly as possible what works and what doesn't work.

Designing and implementing small experiments is beneficial everywhere: in your personal life, in your way of working, in growing your business or even in hitting your targets for making a social impact. Learn the fundamental building blocks of experimentation in this workshop. Find the content below.

1. Short introduction
- What a learning organisation means
- Examples from nonprofits and for-profits
- Setting the goals for the workshop
- Short round of introductions and expectations

2. The 4 pillar model
- Introduction to the mindset, process, skills and tools

3. Mindset
- What a growth mindset (= experimenter mindset) means
- How to develop a growth growth mindset in yourself and in those around you

4. Process
- GROWS -process for experimentation
- Other valuable frameworks: OMTM, jobs-to-be-done, riskiest assumption tests

5. Skills
- T-shaped employees
- Building out your own t-shaped profile

6. Tools
- A brand, website and chatbot in 5 minutes
- Chrystal knows for psychological profiling
- Build your own brand, website and chatbot

7. Finally: designing your first experiments
- Experiment design basics
- Design an experiment to be tested in the upcoming 2 weeks

Anssi Rantanen

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