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Gerry McGovern
Reduce the weight of your digital footprint. Go light. Reduce code! Reduce content! When it comes to digital, less is better.

Digital is not green. Digital is killing our planet. Websites, data, smartphones, Internet of Things - everything in digital is exploding, consuming ever-increasing quantities of energy.

At the same time, 90% of data is never used, while our dumps are filling up with unrecycled e-waste. We must do so much better, and Gerry’s talk will show us how.


Gerry McGovern

How many trees need to be planted to offset YOUR digital trash at work and at home? Meet the outspoken Irishman who wrote 8 books, helped Microsoft, Cisco, the EU and Toyota getting better digitally services before he found out that the planet needed him more than customers and users.

Gerry will show us why digital is not green. How websites, data we never use, smartphones and the Internet of Things kill the planet. Fortunately for the planet and us: He shows us how to get out of this dark hole.

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