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Oslo Konserthus
18—20 October 2023

  • 📢 Thursday, 11:30 - 11:40
  • 🎤Samfunnssalen

We use slick mobile and web apps and SaaS products for all of our needs as consumers. At work, awesome SaaS products have taken over a lot of business functions and processes, from booking business travel to CRM. But custom built business software is here to stay, and contrary to popular belief, it doesn't suck.

About Viral Shah👑

Viral is the co-founder and CPO of Databutton, creating the online workspace for data analysts and data scientists to build full-stack data applications. Before Databutton, Viral built and lead product teams at Microsoft and Cognite in both Seattle and Oslo. Between Microsoft and Cognite, he built a small digital product agency with one of his closest friends. Although he is an American and Norwegian dual citizen that speaks almost-fluent Norwegian, he tends to withhold that information whenever possible in order to keep speaking English. At Microsoft, he helped ship what proved to be Satya Nadella's favorite product, Delve, which got killed 3 years after shipping it – for good reason, ask him about it!

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