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Jake Knapp
You've heard about tech companies running millions of tests to optimize their products. You've read about startup founders working 120-hour weeks to build world-changing companies. Now here's the truth: Never-ending optimization is why most tech products make us miserable, and the nonstop hustle is a waste of your precious human life. In this talk, Jake Knapp will show you why chilling out is the key to building better products and living a better life, and he'll give you the tools you need to get lazy the smart way.

Jake has entered meeting rooms with people such as Bill Gates and Stewart Butterfield who started Flickr and Slack and Larry Page from Oracle. He has been ignored, shouted at and shouted at many times. He often got what he wanted.

Now he shares with the rest of us how to boost our self-confidence and get what we want in important meetings. It is certainly not just us who would like to know this.

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