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You can say a lot about large software investments, but at least they cost a lot of money! They're also great at job creation: planning, implementing, user training, bug fixing and the eventual re-writing of everything when you finally give up on getting it to work. "Helseplattformen", the Norwegian implementation of the American healthcare system Epic is a real money machine. Software snake oil is good business. No wonder there is so much of it. 

But for those of you who are not primarily looking to create jobs and distribute money around, for those of you who want the software to benefit your organization, for you I have some advice on how to recognize software snake oil salesmen. What should you be looking for? What should you be looking out for? How should one go about investing in software? 

About Christin Gorman👑

Christin has worked as a software developer for 20 years. She has experience from both the private and public sectors, as a permanent employee and as a consultant in both large and small companies. Today, she works at the consulting company Kodemaker. She is known for an engaging storytelling style, both in writing and on stage, and likes to exaggerate to make people see things from new angles and challenge established truths.

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