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Oslo Konserthus
18—20 October 2023

  • 📢 Friday, 11:10 - 11:20
  • 🎤Samfunnssalen

If you've touched technology in your lifetime, chances are you've heard about open-source, but do you really know how much it has contributed to your daily life? In this talk, Issaaf will give you insight into how much open-source has changed all of our lives and how it will continue to impact our futures. She will share a personal story of how she built hundreds of websites in her sleep thanks to open-source and by the end of it, you will hopefully understand the value of open-source and maybe even decide to contribute to it yourself, one way or another.

About Issaaf Kattan👑

I'm Issaaf! I started coding when I was 12 to make my grandma an Android app so she could watch her favourite soap opera on demand (and mostly because I was promised a trip to Disneyland in return). 12 years later, I still code, but these days I do it at Celsia, a startup that aims to make sustainability truly comparable. If you want to make me overly-excited, just ask me about any of the following: open-source, hackathons, iced-coffee or camping sites.

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