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Olga Yurkova

Fake news is fun and exciting. Truth is boring. Do you agree? Then Olga have bad news for you, and it is, alas, not fake. Disinformation has always been a weapon, but today it has reached a new level of influence. Olga will tell you how this weapon is used against her country and why this applies not only to Ukraine and Russia, but to each of us. She will tell you what inside and around us makes us believe fakes so easily. You will learn how to create an artificial reality - and why it is dangerous. Finally, Olga will talk about why disinformation kills trust and what each of us can do to rebuild it.


Olga Yurkova

Olga Yurkova is a journalist and co-founder of, an independent Ukrainian organization that trains an international cohort of fact-checkers in an effort to curb propaganda and disinformation in the media. She teaches different audiences how propaganda works and how to identify fake news, consulting a range of organizations and public structures and collaborating with mainstream media as a journalist. For fighting propaganda, Olga was included in the list of New Europe 100 and was named a TED Fellow in 2018. Believes that there are no limits to human perfection, but there is one truly perfect creature in the world - and that is a cat.

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