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  • 📢 Thursday, 14:15 - 14:45
  • 🎤Oslo Konserthus

Are you a product manager or designer feeling overlooked or unsupported in crucial meetings? Perhaps you're seeking clear guidance on making tough product trade-offs, or your opportunities for professional growth seem just out of reach. In this practical session, Petra Wille, seasoned product leadership coach, addresses these common challenges for individual contributors in the product and design fields. Join Petra as she unveils strategies to effectively "manage up" and ensure that leaders not only hear but actively support your professional needs and development.

This talk will equip you with the tools to confidently seek and receive the backing you need during key meetings, navigate complex decision-making with greater clarity, and actively shape your career path through your interactions with leadership.

About Petra Wille👑

Petra Wille is an independent product leadership coach and the author of 'STRONG Product People' and the recently released 'STRONG Product Communities' .

Petra shares her insights and experiences to help others grow in the product management field. Petra's expertise is especially valuable for organizations looking to strengthen their product management capabilities and for individuals aspiring to grow in this area .

Alongside her freelance work, Petra co-organizes 'Product at Heart' in Hamburg, Germany . She is also a very good friend of Teresa Torres, need we say more!

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