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Masoud Haghbin

How do they innovate in Iran? Have you ever seen things from a different point of view? What are the challenges and differences here and what is different here in the software ecosystem from the rest of the world!? What would you do if you can't use modern solutions? In this talk, Masoud will discuss the software ecosystem in Iran. Innovations, technologies, human resources, and other circumstances. He will give us a inside peek to a very different community.


Masoud Haghbin

Masoud Haghbin is 27 years old. He got his bachelor's and Master's degree in Computer Engineering. He´s been working as a full-time software engineer since 2014 and are the Co-Founder of, an online start-up shop in Iran which sells american tv-series merchandise. He works in Snapp, the Iranian version of Uber. He´s a big fan of movies and Tv series and likes to read books and listen to music. He is a huge fan of Friends and refers to Joey Tribbiani all the time :))) oh and also lemonade cheers

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