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  • πŸ“’ Thursday, 09:05 - 09:10
  • 🎀Oslo Konserthus

Ida will give Teresa a proper introduction, and let you know everything you should know, if you don't already know it about the product legend Teresa.

About Ida AalenπŸ‘‘

In the survey "Design in Norway" someone had written that they wanted a conference featuring only Ida Aalen. While we can't give you that, today she is with us at Raadet and her first task is to introduce Teresa Torres.

Ida has fifteen years of experience in digital product development. She began her career at Netlife in 2010, and in 2017, she co-founded the video startup Confrere, which was sold to the Silicon Valley company Daily in 2022. In 2023, Ida published the first Norwegian book on product management.

Today Ida works at Nav as a product manager.

In addition to giving lectures and courses, Ida has written three books on social media and has been a regular contributor to publications such as Morgenbladet, Dagens Næringsliv, and

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