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Lauren Etheridge

All to often, content becomes an afterthought in design work. We end up duplicating it, use it to fill in empty boxes, not adapting it to all its audiences, getting it stuck, and let it keep people out of our services. How can rethinking our approach to content make our work/design/products more empathetic, sustainable, and available? In this talk, Lauren will show how structured content unlocks empathy and offer some practical ways to work with content as data.


Lauren Etheridge

Lauren is a Developer Relations Specialist at She focuses on strategic diversity, inclusion, and equality (DEI) efforts within the Sanity community. Previously, she was a lead web developer/programmer analyst at North Carolina State University. Before transitioning into web development and digital communications in academia, Lauren was a social worker and community educator in the field of harm reduction. She is a huge fan of David Lynch and plays the theremin! Lauren is passionate about digital ethics and community building, transformative justice, collaborative learning, and building things with the Raspberry Pi motherboard and making experimental music.

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