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Kimmo og Tero

It's easy to think that digital accessibility only helps visually impaired people, but what if that's not the case? What if accessibility means that digital solutions become easier to use for everyone? Kimmo and Tero invite you to a talk where they take a closer look at how digital accessible solutions helped Helsinki City and X attract new customers, whereas many of them were not in the target group. Kimmo and Tero are also inviting you into their world and the Darkroom. Here you will get an even deeper understanding of how the digital world feels for visually impaired people. This talk aims to help you see the great potential that lies ahead if you think accessibility when you develop new digital products.


Kimmo og Tero

Kimmo Sääskilahti and Tero Pesonen work in Siteimprove’s Nordic accessibility consulting team. Kimmo is originally a translator but has almost 20 years of experience in web accessibility. Tero has a background in software engineering and testing with research experience from academia. As an Accessibility Strategist, Tero helps Siteimprove customers build more efficient web services that can reach a wider range of users. They are both visually impaired / legally blind.

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