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This year's first coffee break comes with a long line to the toilets!

Did you know that Oslo Konserthus has three toilets areas. You'll find two hiding in the wardrobe area, best way to get there is to use the exits at the bottom of the main stage. The other not so famous areas are in the Main Hall and next to the Lille Sal. The last two has a separate handicap toilet.

We made an attempt to squeeze more toilets into the building, but Oslo Kommune wasn't too keen about remodeling the historic building. So, this year, we've embraced inclusivity by converting all existing facilities into unisex restrooms.

A heads-up for the curious: the original men's toilet still features urinals, but no worriesβ€”we've installed a wall in front of them. This way, everyone can enjoy a little privacy and respect while they go about their business!

kart over toaletter

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