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  • 📢 Thursday, 09:15 - 09:35

Will is a graphic designer, front-end developer and illustrator at Netlife in Oslo, dividing the rest of his creative reserves between photography, drawing and sporadic music making. Existing in the space somewhere between art, design and technology is where he feels most at home.


@ Thursday 09:15 - 09:35

Will was tired of the homogeneity of the social media scroll (Instagram) and wanted to experiment with new ways of presenting visual output.

Taking advantage of recent advances in web technologies, combined with the playfulness of the early internet; experimental typography, animations and illustrations were made by Will (he is a cross-functional team in one person).

The result was the travel zine (Visuelt Gull) which was launched following a trip to the Japanese capital. Encouraged by the warm reception, the follow up and retrospective (Visuelt, D&Ad, EDA winner) was released after two years of pandemic procrastination in March 2022, with the upcoming being worked on as this is written. The conceptual umbrella site, intended to house these and other projects ties it all together. Inspiration, concept, process, exploration and endless nerdy rabbit holes will be covered in this talk.

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