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Timothy Musoke

Timothy Musoke is not a prince but as close as it gets! He is a proud man from the Buganda kingdom with a computer science degree from Ohio. Timothy Musoke is both the co-founder of Emata and the person who has made world class software development a real thing in his home country, long before FAAMG was a house-hold abbreviation for the five largest tech companies in the world.


In Pursuit of Data on the African Continent

Sub-Saharan Africa has leapfrogged the rest of the world when it comes to getting connected. While we went from mainframe to personal computers and from server farms to edge computing, about 1 billion people in Africa have only ever used a computer through a touchscreen. It is not about "mobile first": it is mobile only and mobile everywhere. But there is no data. Value creation on the internet is fuelled by data - and if there are no digitised registries let alone any credible credit scoring, targeting the masses of consumers with digital offerings is nearly impossible. Or is it? Hear the story of how a Norwegian-Ugandan fintech was born.

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