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    Get your words right with Susanne!

    Susanne Egset is a Norwegian content designer, author and word geek. She works in Netlife, and we’re proud to say she wrote the very first and most authoritative book on content design and UX writing (in Norwegian).

    She’s stepping onto the Y stage filled with a love for content design and will give you a solid understanding of why you should figure out the words first when you design user experiences. Why are there twelve UX designers for every content designer? That’s just wrong. She’ll leave you inspired, on fire (and terrified of crashing and burning, should you neglect your content).

    Design med ord

    @ -

    Innhaldsdesign er kunsten å designa med ord. Alt for ofte vert innhaldet stappa inn i tronge rammer etter at det meste av den digitale tenesta er ferdig. Det funkar ikkje! Susanne viser oss kor viktig orda me bruker er for at båe brukaren og me som står bak tenester skal lykkast.

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