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  • 📢 Friday, 09:10 - 10:10

Marty is truly the guru of product management. He goes beyond other consultants to deeply understand our business and underlying dynamics. His broad perspective and experience give him a unique ability to provide meaningful insights that help us create inspired, winning products. - Shout out from Linkedin

This speaker attended in 2022

Before founding the Silicon Valley Product Group to pursue his interests in helping others create successful products through his writing, speaking, advising and coaching, 

Marty Cagan served as an executive responsible for defining and building products for some of the most successful companies in the world, including HP Labs, Netscape Communications, and eBay.


@ Friday 09:10 - 10:10

I spend a lot of time writing and speaking about the difference between how the best product companies work, and how most companies work. By shining a light on the best companies, I’m hoping to inspire more companies to try working like the best. But what does it really mean to work like the best?

You may have heard me say things like: “transforming to Agile may be necessary, but it’s in no way sufficient.” Or, “the heart of transformation is moving from feature teams to empowered product teams.” Or, “the goal is to transform to a product-led company.” While each of these comments may speak to a specific aspect of transformation, they don’t give a good holistic picture of what is truly meant by transformation.

So, in this talk, I’ll be taking a different approach. Instead of applying a label (e.g. “Agile,” “Empowered Teams,” “Product-Led Company”), we’ll look at what is actually changing inside the company, and share the critical steps necessary should you decide to pursue a transformation at your own company.

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