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Jessica Shen

Jessica is an Experience Design Director at R/GA New York. She creates interactive experiences, ranging from product experience & strategy to brand motion design. She's worked abroad in Shanghai and Singapore, where she got the chance to learn from and design for the vastly different cultures and systems across Asia Pacific.

She recently spoke about her experience designing for different cultures at SXSW 2021. She studied Design and Computer Science under the BCSA program at Carnegie Mellon with additional focuses in animation, sound design, and digital fabrication. When she's not designing, you can find her dancing, mindlessly doodling, or tinkering with something or other.



Conglomerates like Tencent & Alibaba have copied successful global services and retrofitted them to the Chinese audience (and government). What began as copycats have morphed into huge "super apps" that function like operating systems. Call a car, order food, do your laundry, and more - all in one place. We'll explore how Chinese culture and government influence have affected UX and design trends within China. See how apps break western design conventions, learn how these apps have influenced China's COVID-19 response, and get a glimpse of e-commerce and entertainment within this parallel tech universe.

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