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  • 📢 Thursday, 10:45 - 11:15

Jesse James Garrett founded the UX agency Adaptive Path in 2001. He and Adaptive Path have been the absolute hottest in UX for many years. Garrett created the model 'The Elements of User Experience,' which also later became a book .

His insights and teachings have shaped the practices of many UX professionals and continue to be a key reference in the field. Including us at Netlife.

Now, Jesse James (cool name, right? ) advises others on how to set themselves up to deliver a better user experience. Safe to say, we are pretty starstruck , and very much look forward to listening and talking to Jesse James Garrett!


@ Thursday 10:45 - 11:15

Why can't design leaders and their product partners see eye-to-eye? What makes this the most challenging relationship in digital product development? In this talk, UX industry pioneer and executive design leadership coach Jesse James Garrett dives into the challenges of scope, authority, expertise, and viewpoint that keep design and product leaders at odds. Along the way, Jesse will show how aligning your practices, communications, mindsets, and value propositions can help leaders on both sides of the gap create cross-functional relationships that lead to healthier teams and more successful products.

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