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  • 📢 Thursday, 09:30 - 09:50

Issaaf started coding when she was 12 to make her grandma an Android app so she could watch her favourite soap opera on demand (and mostly because she was promised a trip to Disneyland in return).

13 years later, she still codes, but these days she does it at Celsia, a startup that aims to make sustainability truly comparable. If you want to make her overly-excited, just ask her about any of the following: open-source, hackathons, or anything in between.

Issaaf had one of the best rated talks in 2022, but we gave her too little time. So we invited her back, make up for our mistake!

Hackathons: The Thrilling Saga of Caffeine and Creativity

@ Thursday 09:30 - 09:50

Are you tired of dull company meetings and uninspiring product development? Do you want to learn how to spice up your work culture and create innovative products that your customers will love, all while maintaining an awesome work culture? Look no further than internal hackathons!

These exciting events have brought us Facebook's diverse reaction emojis, Yahoo's weather app, Google Chrome, and even your personalised Spotify Discover Weekly playlist, among many others. Hackathons spark true innovation by creating a space for freedom to experiment and take risks in a low-pressure environment.

In this talk, Issaaf will convince you that hackathons are a secret ingredient to success for any company. You will learn why hackathons are the greatest thing to happen to company culture and product development, and hear about some ways to boost up your next hack-a-night. Don't miss out on this opportunity to revolutionise your work experience!

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