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David Dylan Thomas

David Dylan Thomas is a twenty-year practitioner of content strategy and UX. David started out in filmmaking (and still does a little when he can) and lives out his failed dreams of being a rock star by jumping on stage (virtually these days) and talking about things he's passionate about. David lives in Media, Pennsylvania with his wife and child and spent the last year either horrified daily or a little pleased that he had an excuse to stay home and watch Netflix. David is very passionate about cognitive bias and wrote the book: "Design for Cognitive Bias".

Friday 10:50 - 11:20


Users' minds take shortcuts to get through the day. Usually they’re harmless. Even helpful. But what happens when they’re not? In this talk David will use real-world examples to identify some particularly harmful biases that frequently lead users to make bad decisions. He will then talk about some content strategy and design choices we can use in our apps, designs, and platforms to redirect or eliminate the impact of those biases. Finally, he will explore our own biases as designers and some methods to prevent our own blind spots from hurting users.

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