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Danielle Laity

Danielle is the founder of Aurora Sustainability, a platform that helps individuals, companies and cities to become more sustainable.

She is passionate about how tech can be used to solve real problems. Whether it be how to get money to the other side of the world or solving the climate crisis through engaging and educating people. She never ask if a product can be built but rather whether it should be built.

She love Product Strategy and Management because she get to work between data, design, tech and business to solve real problems.


Building Products That Cross Cultural Borders

Danielle the founder of Aurora Sustainability, they grew across 4 continents in just over a year. This has meant fighting battles like translation to Mandarin, numerous Facebook trolls and figuring out why Norwegians REALLY don’t want to add her on LinkedIn.

Aurora focuses on people and breaking into all of these markets has made her realise how important cultural nuances are. At Y Danielle will you tips on how to deal with these nuances so that other people can learn from my experience and have a bit of a laugh about it too.

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