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  • 📢 Thursday, 12:15 - 12:35

Christin is just plain awesome. She is one of the rare talents that can combine technology and the human element to pump out products that are truly useful and make sense. - Shout out from Linkedin

This speaker attended in 2022

Christin har jobbet som softwareutvikler i 20 år. Hun har erfaring fra både privat og offentlig sektor, som fast ansatt og som konsulent i både store og små firmaer. I dag jobber hun i konsulent-selskapet Kodemaker. Hun er kjent for en engasjerende fortellerstil, både skriftlig og på scenen, og liker å sette ting på spissen for å få folk til å se ting fra nye vinkler og utfordre etablerte sannheter.


@ Thursday 12:15 - 12:35

The best cooks chop vegetables fast, but is that the essence of being a good chef? The best authors have good vocabularies, but is that the essence of being a good writer?

Today we measure developers by technical parameters like how many programming languages or frameworks they know. In job interviews we check that they are able to implement efficient sorting algorithms. But is that really the essence of being a good developer? Absolutely not. We need to stop giving the impression that what matters in programming are these niche technical traits, that at best are irrelevant, and at worst actually contribute to us being less able to delivery good quality software.

Christin will discuss what skills are actually relevant for producing good code, and how our current beliefs are all too often just making things worse.

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