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    As the Head of Design at Fiken, Åshild Knudsen focuses on creating a user-friendly, simple, and intuitive accounting program that allows small businesses and self employed professionals to manage their accounts independently.

    Over the years, Åshild has come to the realization that the intersection between solid craftsmanship and curiosity is a fruitful place to work from, meaning that she isn’t afraid to explore uncharted territories and try new solutions.

    Her greatest strength lies in the ability to solve complex challenges in a simple and understandable way. So, when does she give herself a pat on the back? When she manages to do exactly that: make something difficult easy to understand.

    In 2023, Åshild and Fiken received recognition in the form of the «DOGA-merket» for design and architecture. A price given by DOGA that acknowledges their work in simplifying accounting and making it more user-friendly.

    Åshild excels not only as a designer at Fiken, she also shares her expertise as a lecturer. So when she's not busy creating digital interfaces, you'll find her in the lecture hall, sharing knowledge about interaction and graphic design with aspiring designers.

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