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Amanda Atkins

Amanda Atkins has led internal communications at companies across industries and geographies for nearly 20 years, from factory floors in the Midwestern US to tech startups in Silicon Valley (with a whole lot of learning in between!). Amanda has put in five wild, incredible, hyper-growth years at Slack, operating in the delightfully meta position of leading internal communications at the company whose own product is transforming the way organizations communicate. While her heart found its home in California – where she lives with her husband of 16 years and their 3-year-old son in the hills north of San Francisco – she's originally from Ohio, so fair warning that her culinary tastes are best defined as "puts too much cheese on absolutely everything, with no regrets."

Friday 12:05 - 12:28


If you're still treating internal communications as employee PR, you're doing it wrong! Ditch the spin tactics in favor of honesty and clarity to build trust, bolster productivity, and become a better, more empathetic leader. Amanda firmly believes that companies who want to achieve meaningful, sustainable success in the modern economy must be radically employee-centric, practice empathetic leadership, and communicate with fearless transparency.She's passionate about helping organizations seize that opportunity – throwing out old business norms and embracing what's possible when you prioritize people over bureaucracy.

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