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Y is a conference helping people build more people oriented and sustainable digital products.


In addition to the 12 hours of live digital "professional entertainment", there will also be a physical meeting place with good conversations, food and covid safe meetings. Don't miss it!


Y = Youngstorget. The conference will be based on or around Youngstorget. Location may vary from year to year, but Youngstorget will always be our Mekka!

In 2019 we put up a huge tent for more than 700 people at Youngstorget, Oslo's main public square. In 2020 we went full on digital due to covid-19. We created a 12 hour direct LIVE TV-show from our office at Youngstorget 3. IT WAS AMAZING! Our participants gave us 5,6 out of 6!


In 2021 we will have a global day where the speakers will talk english and a Norwegian day, where the speakers will talk Norwegian. All english talks are marked with (EN) and the Norwegian talks are written in Norwegian.

Torsdag 🔹
La oss knuse noen myter 

Vi mÄ jobbe smidig. Staten kan ikke vÊre innovativ. Alle mÄ kunne kode. Ferdige kodebiblioteker er satans verk. Innovasjon kan ikke skje internt. Vi mÄ ha en hodelÞs arkitektur. Du mÄ brukerteste alt tidlig. Innsikt er bortkastet tid. Digitale konferanser er kjedelige! Eller?

Hvordan skal vi kunne lage bra og bÊrekraftige produkter og tjenester for folk, nÄr bransjen vÄr er full av etablerte sannheter og fastlÄste tankemÞnstre? Mange av vÄre arbeidsmetoder og mÄten vi jobber sammen pÄ er basert pÄ trender, misforstÄelser og manglende sidesyn. Har vi blitt den moderne versjonen av folka som trodde jorda var flat?!

PÄ Y Torsdag skal vi utfordre og provosere. Du fÄr servert faglig kunnskap med glÞd og gode argumenter. Vi garanterer at du skal sitte igjen med nye perspektiver, og hvem vet, kanskje du blir den nye rebellen?

Friday 🛾
Beyond borders (EN)

How do they innovate in Iran? How do the public sector and private companies collaborate in Uzbekistan? What would your life be like without Google and Facebook? What do the “Outsourcing”-companies really think about their clients? Is Silicon Valley a theatre or the innovation hub of the world? Will everyone work remotely after covid-19?  This is the kind of talks you will find at Y- 2021.

We want to create a meeting point where people from different parts of the world can learn how to make better products and services - Beyond borders. Y is a casual conference. We love speakers that dare to be different, challenge the existing, play with the (boring) conference format or just tell a useful or entertaining story.


Who’s behind this craziness you ask? Netlife! We have hosted several events and conferences in the past — Webdagene, SPENN, PULS, FLYT to name a few... and we LOVE it!

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