Hopp til hovedinnhold


Why do we design stuff that just doesn't work? Why do we think that just because something is digital it's better for our planet? Truth is; we make a lot of bad services and our digital waste is having a negative impact on the environment. Y will give you the tools and a nudge in the right direction.

Y is a conference at Youngstorget in the middle of Oslo. We’ll cover topics within customer experience, design, innovation, and technology.

Our goal is to gather everyone involved in making products and services that want to take better care of their users and last, but not least: our planet. Together we’ll solve problems and shape a future that puts planet- and people-friendly at the top of our business goals.


Last year we put up a tent for more than 700 people at Youngstorget, Oslo's main public square. This year we’ll have our main stage at Folketeateret, among several other great locations for workshops, side events, and parties.


There will be both international and Norwegian speakers at our conference. All international talks are marked with EN.


Welcome to Oslo! Youngstorget is a beloved square, in the middle of the city. Surrounded by hotels, restaurants, and bars. It's a 4-minute walk from Oslo Central Station.


Who’s behind this craziness you ask? Netlife Design! We have hosted several events and conferences in the past — Webdagene, SPENN, PULS, FLYT to name a few.

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