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Learn practical tips that you can implement immediately in relation to making your website or app kinder on the planet.

Gerry introduces his principles of Digital Earth Experience and how to effectively implement them:

Don’t create, collect
How do we promote cultures with more thought, less mindless creation and collection? We collect so much data we don’t even use. Let’s stop that.

Delete 90%
How do we encourage constant review, updating and deletion? How do we develop the processes to allow this? Because if we get rid of the useless stuff, everything else will work so much more efficiently.

How do we encourage and facilitate the reuse of digital content, code, images, etc. How do we get employees to ask these questions first: Does this already exist? Can I reuse it? Learn about how some organizations reward employees for reuse.

Minimize creation waste
How do we minimize waste during the creation process by choosing the optimal way to write content, write code, create designs, communicate.

How do we reward those who share with others what they have created in a way that is truly reusable? Learn why metadata and good descriptions are so important for sharing.

Minimize use waste
How do we ensure that the digital products and services that we deliver create the minimum waste during use? That each time someone uses them the least amount of pollution possible is created? This is a particular issue for website design.

Visualize waste
How do we visualize the waste that is created as a result of digital because one of the key problems is that most people don’t “see” digital waste and therefore don’t believe that it exists? Learn about how Toyota use tools and techniques to visualize digital waste.

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