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We invite the world to speak at our digital conference Y 3rd September, broadcast (mostly) live from Oslo, Norway. Compensation: Flat fee of 1000 dollars.

Y is a conference helping designers, UXers, technologists, managers, product owners etc. build more people oriented and sustainable digital products. Covid has accelerated the need for collaboration beyond country borders. We want to create a meeting point where people from different parts of the world can learn from each other.

Topics we are looking for

  • This service is quite unique for our country. We want to learn what is happening in different countries. We suspect that there is a huge source of inspiration just waiting to be unleashed :)
  • One day in the digital life of a citizen. We think that we all have a lot to learn just by understanding how people in different countries use digital technology
  • Collaboration beyond borders. Forget outsourcing, insourcing etc. Digital is beyond borders and there are a lot of virtual organizations out there. How do we tackle cultural differences, language barriers etc.? We want to hear about both fails and successes.
  • Tools or skills we could learn from to develop better products and services
  • And of course you can suggest other topics!

What type of talks are we looking for?

Y is a casual conference. We love speakers that dare to be different, challenge the existing, play with the conference format or just tell a useful or entertaining story. We have two absolute demands: The audience MUST learn something from your talk. And you have to be a good presenter. It could be:

  • A how-to guide to something you’re an expert in
  • A concrete case
  • Eye-openers (is something very different than people think? Or easier? Or harder?)
  • WOW-effect (why didn't I think about that )
  • A good rant :)

We want variation

Last year we had Christin Gorman criticising how the government of Norway runs their biggest IT-projects, Jake Knapp speaking about product development from his cabin, Eivind Lund ranting about companies claiming to be customer friendly, the Norwegian police talking about their use of TikTok while they were driving a police car and Melissa Perri telling people how they should do product management. Quite varied.

How to submit: Use the form at det bottom to tell us a little bit about yourself and what you’d like to talk about. Include links to videos of your speaking engagements if you have them. No speaking videos online? No problem! Send us a short pitch video (max 5 minutes) - please upload it to Youtube or Vimeo to make sure we get it. We’re mostly looking to get a feel for your speaking skills and energy

We want your talk to shine!

So, if your talk is selected you must be willing to work with us on the production details. If you do not live in Norway, we will make arrangements so your talk will be filmed in a professional way where you are, either by you or by a crew that we hire. You can share the video later as you like.

Use this form to tell us a little bit about yourself!

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